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Steps of Consideration

  1. You have to come up with a location that you are interested. The location is required to have high foot traffic for high chances of business success. Later on, pictures of 4 different angles of the location are required to submit to The Waffle along with provided information, contact number, name of the location, and estimate cost of rental fee via and 02-748-6410-11, 082-650-8868, 081-351-3138.

  2. After the location is proposed, The Waffle will analyze chances of business success and provide you with suggestions for the most satisfied business.

  3. After the location is approved, the payment, 20,000 Baht, of the total investment must be paid to The Waffle in order to deposit for the construction of the kiosk, and also to secure the location. After the first payment is paid, it will take 20 days for the kiosk to be completely constructed.

  4. During the period of construction, The Waffle will provide you with 1 day training and a franchise agreement will be signed. The appointment of the training will be made at least 1 week in advance, and the training will be hosted at The Waffle Supply, Monday – Friday only.

  5. After the kiosk is finished, The Waffle will make an appointment for the delivery of the kiosk, raw materials, and equipments. Lastly, the total payment must be paid at least 7 days in advance before the delivery.


In the year 2004, The Waffles was established to promote and to sell the waffle © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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