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Budget and Investment
The Waffle is a franchise business where we provide all franchisees with fair treatment and same standard in terms of sustainable business with medium budget of investment and short payback period. The Waffle provides you with various choices of business.


Information about The Waffle Kiosk S (The Waffle S)

The investment of The Waffle S usually starts at 100,000 baht and other products that are not allowed from The Waffle are prohibited.

This type of investment is the most popular version of the franchise business, because of its attractiveness, as it can be easily found at any indoor location like department stores and shopping malls, such as Tesco Lotus, Big C, Robinson, Central, and other local malls. Besides those, it is also suitable for transport stations like Hua Lumphong railway station, Mochit bus terminal, and, the most successful location, BTS station, where we have kiosks on 7 BTS stations including, Mochit (2 kiosks), Ratchathewi, Victory Monument, Chidlom, Asok, Surasak, and Chong Nonsi.

Investment Information and Type of Kiosk S

Kiosk S
1. Initial Fee
2. Contract Duration 1 Year
3. Renewal Fee (2,000)
4. Equipment & Raw Material (Estimate) 25,000
5. Kiosk Copyright 60,000
6. Kiosk Area 3-6 sq m.
7. Capital Investment (Estimate) (10,000)
8. Security Deposit 10,000
Initial Investment 100,000
Menus Waffle 15 Menus

- Price at January 1st, 2014
- Copyright of the kiosk, construction, and raw materials are estimated prices
- Details of prices and investment might be changed without advanced notice


In the year 2004, The Waffles was established to promote and to sell the waffle © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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