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Information about The Waffle Shop Outdoor
The Waffle Shop Outdoor is a type of investment that is suitable for any situation with no problems about locations. The booth is designed with decorated roof which is able to resist any weather condition. The materials of the booth are made of aluminum composite, and The Waffle logo is made of stainless steel with decorated LED light. Furthermore, 30 Amp of electricity and water system are also available.

The Waffle Shop Outdoor is designed for selling variety of products such as waffles, drinks, ice cream, and souvenirs due to the space and location of the booth in order to maximize the profit of the business.

Investment Information and Type of The Waffle Outdoor Shop

The Waffle Shop Outdoor
1. Initial Fee
2. Marketing Fee (10,000-30,000++)
3. Contract Duration 1 Year
4. Renewal Fee (10,000)
5. Equipment & Raw Material 90,000
6. Kiosk Copyright 180,000
7. Kiosk Area 1.9 x 2.3 sq m. (Body 3.5 x 3 sq m.)
8. Security Deposit 30,000
Initial Investment 320,000
Menus Waffle 16 Menus + Yoghurt Ice-Cream + Drinks + Souvenirs

- Price at January 1st, 2014
- Copyright of the kiosk, construction, and raw materials are estimated prices
- Details of prices and investment might be changed without advanced notice


In the year 2004, The Waffles was established to promote and to sell the waffle © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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